Interview: Nicholas Hlobeczy
by Richard Whittaker

Nicholas Hlobeczy was an American photographer who discovered the Gurdjieff work in the 1960′s. He was a student of Minor White and a teacher of many younger photographers.

The following are excerpts on an interview conducted by Richard Whittaker for his magazine “Works and Conversations.”  


You can view the full interview here: Remember To Remember Nicholas Hlobeczy

RW: At age 74 you’re still a learner, a seeker. Do you think that’s unusual?

NH: Some think it’s unusual. I think it’s normal. I’ll tell you one thing. At this age, you’re much more aware of your limitations, but you’re not limited in your appreciation of truth. The most important thing I can see right now is transmission. If I can say or do something so that someone’s lives can be more useful, then good.


You see someone and you begin to see what’s dead in them. And you can be helpful to them because you see what is dead in yourself. This is all connected somehow with the idea of Self-development. It is also a question of attitude, and if lucky perhaps a wish.

RW: You say, “Self-development.” How do we self-develop?

NH: You don’t. It means the development that takes place as the result of self-study. It doesn’t mean that Nick “develops himself.” It means that which is a higher in ourselves, comes down into us because of a change in attitude.

RW: There’s something suspect about that phrase “self-development” isn’t there?

NH: It’s very suspect. Because people right away take it as self-development. I develop myself. Rather than that I make an effort to be clear enough to see what is going on. This seeing, then, has a transformative power.